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Writer-director: JAAP VAN HEUSDEN

Drama / Thriller

Filippo is an unusual mixture of detective, scientist, and priest. He comes to a small Dutch town, send by the Vatican to investigate, and probably debunk, a miraculous statue of the virgin Mary. Little does he know that he’ll find a grieving community that won’t allow him to take away their miracle. And an enigmatic, mute young woman – helps to crack down Filippo’s certainties about his calling as a priest and as human being.

Status: International Premiere Tallinn Black Nights FF on Nov. 10th 2023

Writer-director: JAAP VAN HEUSDEN Co-writer: ROGIER DE BLOK

Production supported by Netherlands Film Fund, Film Fund Limburg, COBO Fund, Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, DFFF and Eurimages.

In Coproduction with IJswater Films NL, co-financed by Magic Media Production GmbH


Benelux Gusto Entertainment , Germany missingFILMs

Patra Spanou Film

Awards, Nominations & Selections:

@ Nederlands Film Festival (2023)

Dutch Film Awards “Golden Calf” 2023 – Best Music for Minco Eggersman

@ Limburg Film Festival (2023)

  • 🏆 Best Feature Film Award


  • Tallinn Black Nights International Film Festival 2023
  • Netherlands Film Festival 2023
  • Limburg Film Festival 2023

International Premiere in Tallinn!

THE MAN FROM ROME is selected in the main competition of the great PÖFF / Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and will have its international premiere on November 10! ❤️🔥💥


THE AN FROM ROME in Main Competition PÖFF

Directed & written by Jaap van Heusden, co-written by Rogier de Blok. 

We are extremly proud and happy for the amazing cast, lead by Michele Riondino, Emma BadingMarie-Louise Stheins and Raymond Thiry, and our wunderful crew.

Produced by IJswater Films, coproduced by FICTION PARK & EO, supported by Nederlands Filmfonds, FPI, CoBO, Limburg Film Office, DFFF, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and Eurimages
Distributor Benelux: Gusto entertainment, Germany: missingFILMs

THE MAN FROM ROME nominated for Golden Calf 2023!

Japp van Heusden’s THE MAN FROM ROME is nominated for the Dutch Film Awards Golden Calf 2023.


Filippo – De Man uit Rome – The Man from Rome – is ready to leave for Utrecht.

On September 29th during Nederlands Film Festival, this years Golden Calve winners will be announced.

Fingers crossed for director Jaap van Heusden and our amazing crew and cast – Michele Riondino, Emma Bading, Marie Louise Stheins, Raymond Thiry, Aus Greidanaus and many others.

It’s a wrap for THE MAN FROM ROME !

Last night in Sittard (Limburg / NL) we successfully wrapped THE MAN FROM ROME by Jaap van Heusden after 29 shooting days!


f.l.t.r.: Markus Halberschmidt (FICTION PARK), Michele Riondino, Marie-Luise Stheins, Marc Bary (IJswater Films),
Raymond Thiry, Emma Bading, Jaap van Heusden, Aus Greidanus, Maria Tsigka (FICTION PARK)

A huge thank you to a wonderful crew, cast & all the extra’s for these amazing 29 shooting days in Limburg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Directed by Jaap van Heusden with Michele Riondino, Emma Bading, Marie Louise Stheins, Raymond Thiry and many others.