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With an expertise of more than 25 productions and a problem-solving attitude, Markus started working in the film industry as a creative producer in 1996. For his first international coproduction, THE END OF THE WAR (short film by Andi Rogenhagen) he won a producer award. Among the films he co-produced over the years are co-productions with more than 10 countries, including BIG FATHER SMALL FATHER (2015 / Vietnam – France- Germany – Netherlands / the first Vietnamese film in Berlinale Competition). For many years he was a freelance lecturer at the International Film School in Cologne (ifs).

In 2017 Markus founded FICTION PARK with Maria Tsigka, and in the last 3 years co- produced two features and produced CUCKOO with NEON and Waypoint Entertainment.
Markus is a member of ACE.



Producer & Screenwriter

With a passion for the power of storytelling, Maria started working in the film industry in Greece in 2001. From 2007 and for around 10 years she had been with Athens-based Argonauts Productions, as head of development and later producer. During her time there she had been part of various features commercial successful in Greece, and art house festival successes (among others: THE HEIRESS – 2009 / comedy, IN THE WOODS – 2010 / mystery drama, DO NOT FORGET ME ISTANBUL – 2011 / Turkey-Greece).

Moving to Germany, in 2017 Maria founded FICTION PARK with Markus Halberschmidt, and in the last 3 years co-produced two features and produced CUCKOO with NEON and Waypoint Entertainment.
Maria is an EAVE and INSIDE PICTURES graduate.

MARIA TSIGKA - Producer & Writer
MARIA TSIGKA – Producer & Writer


Junior Producer

David Sridharan brings dedication to new forms of storytelling and fresh perspectives to production and development. His filmmaking steps began at high school when he produced the school’s image film and went on to receive the 2016 Best School Film prize in NRW. He continued to produce audio-visual media to national and international critical acclaim.

David has been deeply fascinated with a diverse array of fields, spanning the natural sciences through to the humanities, for as long as he can remember. This abiding interest has also informed his approach to storytelling and producing, which represents an opportunity to synthesize his varied interests and give feedback on diverse projects. An avid researcher and meticulous note-taker, he loves to dive deep into the projects he’s attached to.Being a social creature, David is a natural collaborator who firmly believes that the best possible outcomes are achieved through teamwork and a shared vision. There is no place for lone wolfs with large egos. We can only create the optimal version of each story by working in concert.

At FICTION PARK he worked as an assistant and junior producer on all major projects, including BEHIND THE HAYSTACKS, THE MAN FROM ROME, and CUCKOO.

David is a NETFLIX WRITING ACADEMY and WDR / NDR Macht Serie! graduate.

DAVID SRIDHARAN - Junior Producer
DAVID SRIDHARAN – Junior Producer


Graphic Designer

Sophie Schmalriede is a long-time companion of Markus Halberschmidt. They met during studies in 1994 and have been working together successfully on projects since then.

Sophie studied communication sciences and art history followed by photography / film and graphic design. She has been working as photographer and graphic designer / video editor for film productions, created stage videos for several choreographers and works as image editor and graphic designer for various artists. In parallel she is also screen designer for the WDR Newsroom in Cologne.

At FICTION PARK Sophie is a behind-the-scenes-fairy, transforming fonts, words, and graphics into project worlds.




Siegfried Bacher has been working in the film industry since he was a teenager. He began his career working as DOP and Editor for art and fashion projects.

For years he had been cooperating with photographer Joop Greypink and Horst Wackerbarth. Soon he also went into the production of commercials and music videos and started a cooperation with Million Dan during his working period in London between 2008 and 2019. In 2011 Siegfried started working as Postproduction Supervisor and has been Head of Postproduction for Cologne based ITV Studios Germany until early 2024.

Over the years he never lost his passion for the short format and lately teamed up with Malte Fuhrer from Scala Theatre in Cologne and started directing carnival music videos.

At FICTION PARK he is the magician-editor making projects and concepts come alive through mood trailers or teasers.