Mystery-Thriller, Horror / Feature

Writer & Director: TILMAN SINGER

Status: World Premiere @ Berlinale Special Gala 2024

After his award-winning graduation film “Luz”, KHM graduate Tilman Singer wrote and directed his first feature film “Cuckoo”.

On a trip to the German Alps with her father and stepmother, Gretchen (Hunter Schafer from HBO’s “EUPHORIA”) discovers that the resort town where they’re staying hides sinister secrets, as she’s plagued by strange noises and frightening visions of a woman pursuing her.

Financed by NEON / Pre- and Production Support by Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, Production Support by HessenFilm und Medien and DFFF

In collaboration with Josh Rosenbaum and Ken Kao (WAYPOINT Entertainment) and Thor Bradwell.

Germany Weltkino Filmverleih

  • VARIETY  by Manori Vanindran – 8 July 2022
  • DEADLINE  by Matt Grobar – 8 July 2022

Thank you Tallinn!

Marc Bary, Talitha Huges, Maria Tsigka & Markus Halberschmidt, Emma Bading, Jaap van Heusden, Marco Vermaas, Jasper Quispel, Rogier de Blok

The delegation for THE MAN FROM ROME f.l.t.r. Marc Bary (IJswater Films), Talitha Huges, Maria Tsigka & Markus Halberschmidt (FICTION PARK), Emma Bading, Jaap van Heusden, Marco Vermaas, Jasper Quispel and Rogier de Blok at the photo-call before the internationale premiere.

We had a great time in Tallinn, watched several good films and enjoyed excellent food!

It’s a wrap for THE MAN FROM ROME !

Last night in Sittard (Limburg / NL) we successfully wrapped THE MAN FROM ROME by Jaap van Heusden after 29 shooting days!


f.l.t.r.: Markus Halberschmidt (FICTION PARK), Michele Riondino, Marie-Luise Stheins, Marc Bary (IJswater Films),
Raymond Thiry, Emma Bading, Jaap van Heusden, Aus Greidanus, Maria Tsigka (FICTION PARK)

A huge thank you to a wonderful crew, cast & all the extra’s for these amazing 29 shooting days in Limburg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Directed by Jaap van Heusden with Michele Riondino, Emma Bading, Marie Louise Stheins, Raymond Thiry and many others.


Fantasy, Family, Adventure / Feature


Status: Financing

A fantastic, parallel world, inhabited by evil witches and villains from fairytales and legends around the globe, becomes the destination of 10-year-old Petra, who needs to save her sister and stop the villains’ plan to dominate our world.

Treatment-Development and Script-Development supported by the FFA