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From Thessaloniki to Goa!

After the 6 awards at the 63rd Thessaloniki IFF, Asimina Proedrou wins another one! This time Best Debut Award in Goa!


Asimina Proedrou receiving award in GOA

The jury of the 53rd International Film Festival of India, Goa, chose BEHIND THE HAYSTACKS (Hinter den Fassaden) to be the best!

Press-Conference with Asimina Proedrou and Evgenia Lavda in GOA
Asimina Proedrou and Evgenia Lavda during the press conference

The Best Debut Award goes to Asimina Proedrou for her debut feature film BEHIND THE HAYSTACKS (Hinter den Fassaden), to recognise and encourage the most prominent directorial talent in World Cinema.

What a journey from Thessaloniki to Goa!

Awards at both festivals!

Well done! We are very exited and proud!